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Research & Education

The Sportsmed Orthopaedic Research Foundation is dedicated to performing cutting-edge research in our field and disseminating new information to medical professionals and the public. We are committed to educating and training the next generation of health care practitioners. We have led the field of Orthopaedic Surgery in medical research, surgical technique discovery, device invention, and education. We offer the following Research & Education Internships:

Medical Students – We offer an internship for medical students who desire to become Orthopaedic Surgeons and Sports Medicine physicians. Interns are part of the care team and are trained in all aspects of patient care from the initial office visit to diagnostic testing and treatment. In addition, the intern will take the lead on one research project that will be presented at a national meeting and submitted for publication to a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Pre-Medical Students – We offer an internship program for college and post-baccalaureate students who plan to attend medical school. The program for post-baccalaureate students is an integrated one to two year experience that introduces students to all aspects of medical care. The program for college students is a full-time summer experience or part-time school year experience. Our goal is to prepare our interns with the knowledge base and skills to excel in medical school and beyond. In addition, the intern will be involved in a research project that will be presented at a national meeting and submitted for publication to a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Medical Assistants and Nurses – We offer an internship to provide health care workers the opportunity to gain outpatient experience in an Orthopaedic Surgery practice. Our internship trains candidates to become independent and capable of becoming an integral part of a health care practice. Training includes taking a patient history and intake on electronic medical records, rooming patients, office procedure assistance, facilitating patient referrals to ancillary service providers, working with insurance companies to obtain patient verification and authorizations, scheduling and confirming surgery and appointments.

2012-2013 Interns

Candy Cheung, RN, BSN

For More Information Please Submit a Cover Letter and Resume to Internship Director, Wilson Lai at

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