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Michael J. Johnstone - ACL Replacement

Dear Dr. Wolf,

I would like to thank you so very much for your skills and expertise, in having operated on both of my knees with phenomenal results.

You first performed an ACL replacement on my left knee in 1994. I was supposed to have written you a follow-up letter, soon after, as you requested, but I was too busy having fun enjoying my recovery. I was skiing, cycling, running and in-line skating within that same year. I never looked back. Sorry about not getting back to you…

Exactly one year ago, in July of 2007, you performed a partial menisectomy on my other knee. I was back on my bike 4 days later. No, it wasn't especially comfortable, but it was fun, and I had confidence in your operative skills to manage my own rehab. In 1994, you resisted "prescribing physical therapy," gently informing me that if I "wanted physical therapy, to join a gym. Your knee only does a couple movements. Do lots of those, with gradually increased resistance."

That was more profound than you'll ever know. That become one of my overriding life philosophies.

This year, I skied with more joy, and skill than I've ever skied in my life. Double black diamond runs are not only pain free, but extremely enjoyable and manageable. Two days ago, I ran a mini-triathalon, with a ten-mile run (7:30/mi. average), a 35 mile extremely hilly bike ride (under two hrs.), and 20 minutes of laps in the pool. I am one happy, fit 49 yr. old.

Michael J. Johnstone

Rosario Solis – Total Knee Arthroplasty
Mrs. Solis is an 80 year young woman with a long history of knee pain. X-ray’s revealed severe arthritis of her knee. She had tried medication, injections, and arthroscopic surgery without relief. Her pain limited her function to the point where she could no longer enjoy simple activities. Below is a picture of Mrs. Solis and a letter of appreciation from her. The X-ray’s show her knee before and after surgery.

“I am very happy that I had my knee done. I think it is perfect! Before I couldn’t even walk. Now I am walking so well that I don’t even use my cane. My husband is happy because I can be active again. We are able to spend time together shopping and walking in the malls. After surgery I am finally felling good enough to make a trip back to the Phillipines to visit family. I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. Thank you for taking away the pain and helping me regain my life.”
-Rosario Solis

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Mary Piccarillo – Unicompartmental (Partial) Knee Arthroplasty
Mrs. Piccarillo is a 90 year old lady who came in with severe knee pain which was limited to the inner portion of her knee. Examination revealed that her arthritis was limited to only one of the three compartments in her knee. Non-operative treatment had not given her relief and she was not able to function in her daily life. Below are comments from Mrs. Piccarillo and her family. The X-ray’s show her arthritis before surgery and the new components after replacement.

“Before I had this surgery I had lots of pain. I told my family that I didn’t care if they cut my leg off. I just didn’t want to live like this any longer. I couldn’t walk or go up and down stairs. I had lost motion and my leg was all crooked.

Just 3 months after surgery I feel 100%. I feel like I have a new knee and am essentially pain free. I can already walk farther than before and only occasionally use a cane when I am walking about town.”
-Mary Piccarillo

“My mother feels like she is in Heaven! We are so happy with the service and attention she received from Dr. Wolf. He is a miracle maker. Our family was so pleased that we are sending my son in for his shoulder.”
-Catherine, daughter

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Penny Kupperberg - Knee Arthritis, Viscosupplementation Injection
Mrs. Kupperberg has arthritic knees. She has felt quite limited in her activities for the last few years and was searching for a way to become more active before she needed replacement surgery.

"After the first injection, I was quite excited. My knee has been stabilized. For the first time in years, I was able to return to activities that I enjoy without the normal pain and swelling. After these injections, I walked ½ mile and have regained a more active life - gardening, walking, and attending meetings. I no longer worry about hills or stairs when I am planning my day. I am grateful for this relief."
- Penny Kupperberg

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Deborah Todd - ACL Reconstruction, Meniscal Repair
Ms. Todd injured her knee when she fell into a creek bed while on a hike. Subsequently, she had physical therapy and surgery by another physician. Six months after her fall she came to our office with continued pain and knee instability which interfered with her daily activities. She was diagnosed with an anterior cruciate ligament tear and meniscus tear. Below is a letter from Ms. Todd after surgery.

"When I fell into that steep creek bed I was initially dazed but thankful to be alive. However, my injury left me with a painful knee that refused to be stable. I had extensive physical therapy and chiropractic treatments without relief. After another doctor performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee, it still was not right. Finally, I saw Dr. Wolf. I wish I had seen him from the beginning. He reconstructed my ligament and repaired my torn meniscus, and I was home the same day! My formerly "bad" leg is now my "GOOD" leg! I am so happy! I can return to regular activities now that my knee has been fixed. Thank you!!
- Deborah Todd

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Dave Roberts - Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction (both knees)
Dave Roberts is an athletic salesman in his 30's. He enjoys aggressive motorcycle riding and competes in water skiing competitions. In addition, his sales job requires extended walking while carrying his products. Dave was previously an orthopedic sales rep, so he know our business well. Before surgery, Dave experienced chronic instability which interfered with his competitions and caused him significant discomfort. Below are his thoughts after undergoing staged ACL reconstructions of his right and left knees.

"I recently under went bilateral ACL reconstructions with Dr. Wolf. I had torn my left ACL in 1985 and my right in 1997. I am a competitive water skier and motorcycle rider, and was having increasing difficulty secondary to my previous knee injuries. I felt unstable and would get pain after competitions. Both surgeries went great! Recovery time was minimal. I was able to walk without crutches the day after both procedures and was back to full activity in only a few months. As a matter of fact, Dr. Wolf initially had to get me to slow down. I felt so good that I was doing too much and had a hard time limiting my activities. My recovery has gone fantastic and I'm skiing better than I ever have before. Thank you for the exceptional work!"
- Dave Robert, Sales, Water Skiing, Motorcycling

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Fabio Pires – Shoulder Stabilization
Fabio is a 25 year old who dislocated his shoulder playing soccer. He was previously a professional soccer player in Brazil and played collegiate soccer in the United States. Because of his young age and the high likelihood of recurrent instability, Fabio elected to undergo stabilization of his shoulder and repair of the Bankart lesion. Below are Fabio’s comments one year after surgery.

“Unbelieveable! I have no problems with my shoulder and no recurrent instability. I am able to surf, play soccer, and play tennis without even thinking about it. It is as if I never had surgery. I am able to everything just as before my injury.”
-Fabio Pires, premiere league soccer player

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Patrick Fraser – Shoulder Stabilization
Patrick is a 33 year old graphic designer. He is an avid mountain biker and dislocated his shoulder five years ago when he was struck by a car. He had recurrent symptoms of instability which were quite troublesome and painful for him. Patrick decided to undergo arthroscopic stabilization of his shoulder. Below are his comments after surgery.

“Surgery was perfect. It was exactly what I needed. My shoulder feels completely back to normal. I have not had any instability since and have returned to work full time. I even forget that I had anything done! I have a friend at work who has similar symptoms, and I am sending him in to be treated as well. I was really impressed by how non-invasive this procedure was. I definitely think that what you have to go through is worth the end result. The arthroscopic stabilization is really a great thing. You get a new shoulder in the end!”
-Patrick Fraser, 33, graphic designer and mountain biker

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May Young – Rotator Cuff Repair, Decompression
Mrs. Young is an 81 year old lady who presented with a painful right shoulder. She had this for about ten years and had tried medications, injections, acupuncture and other therapies without relief. In addition to her pain, she had difficulty performing some of her daily activities secondary to her symptoms. When non-operative treatment did not give her relief, she decided to undergo a decompression and rotator cuff repair. Below are her comments six months after surgery.

“The surgery was perfect. All the motion has come back. I can do my hair and reach behind me which was difficult before surgery. The daytime pain I had is much better now, and I am happy with my improved function.”
-May Young, 81

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William H. Cull - Rotator Cuff Repair, Capsular Repair for Dislocation
William Cull is a very active archeologist in his late 60's. In addition to his demanding job, he is an avid surfer and enjoys swimming in the ocean. He was temporarily sidelined by several injuries that resulted in large tears of his rotator cuff tendons and a dislocating shoulder. He subsequently underwent successful arthroscopic surgery to repair his injuries and enable him to return to the activities that he loves. Below are his words of thanks.

"So you think your shoulder is messed up? You should have seen mine. The upper arm ripped out of the socket and the rotator cuff completely torn in half. So much for extreme sports and extreme accidents. I initially thought: just let it heal, take some herbs, get some massage and accupuncture, see a shaman; anything but the knife. Well sometimes we forget the body is a mechanical as well as a self-healing miracle. Dr. Wolf is a World Class bionic engineer of the first order. He has fixed one shoulder twice from two different extreme injuries, one from logging and one from surfing. He is getting ready to fix my other shoulder's rotator cuff this Fall. I screwed it up white water canoeing without air bag. Dr. Wolf has helped to keep me surfing the best surf spots from California to Hawaii. Thank god for Dr. Wolf. I am grateful for every wave."
-William H. Cull

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